Silver plated cufflinks with circuit board


***Please, take a look at the last picture. All the cufflinks we have have these marks left after silver plating.***

These modern square cufflinks are made of circuit board piece and silver-plated base. They will become a refined addition to a contemporary or classical outfit. They are also a perfect accessory for a Groom or Groomsmen making a modern wedding.

The cufflinks are 5/8 x 5/8 inches (16 x 16 mm) and are covered with clear resin. They are made of real circuit boards from old computers and you may choose any color from the list below:
- blue
- dark blue
- red
- green
- purple
- black/ brown
- yellow / olive green
- orange

You will receive one similar to those you see on pictures, but not the exact one. The colors may vary due to characteristics of a particular board. If you have any special requests to design, please contact us.

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