Cyberpunk circuit board cufflinks, bronze back, golden


These unique cufflinks made of a circuit board piece and brushed brass cufflink backs. They are a refined addition to a contemporary or classical outfit. This item is also a perfect accessory for a Groom or Groomsman for a modern wedding.

The cufflinks are 3/4 inches (18 mm) in diameter and are covered with clear resin. They are made of real circuit boards from old computers and you may choose any color from the list below: 
- blue 
- dark blue 
- red 
- green 
- purple 
- black/ brown
- yellow / olive green
- orange 

You will receive one similar to those you see on pictures, but not the exact one. The colors may vary due to characteristics of a particular board. If you have any special requests to design, please contact us.

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