Molten circuit board necklace, argentium silver bar shaped as circuit board piece


Looking for an uncommon gift for your techie friend? Here you have our Argentium silver Molten circuit board necklace.

The silver piece is quite heavy, 9g, and measures 10x50mm. We patinated it to black to add the rustic look. It's One of a Kind piece, as we don't plan to repeat this exact design.

It goes with a leather cord 1m (40") long. You can cut it to any length you need. If you want a sterling silver chain, contact us with the required length for the price quote.

The item is ready to be shipped the next working day. Please, look at our Express delivery option if you are in a hurry (available to see if you put the item in your cart).

* What is Argentium silver?
Argentium is one of a new generation of silver alloys. Argentium silver is at least 92.5% silver (same as Sterling Silver) and a combination of copper and germanium.

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