Unique circuit board cufflinks, customized colors - recomputing

Unique circuit board cufflinks, customized colors


These square cufflinks are the best accessories for an everyday look or a festive occasion. They are an outstanding gift for your dearest person that is a techie lover, or who like to combine classical and modern styles.

Circuit board piece is 5/8 x 5/8 inches (16 x 16 mm) and is covered with clear resin. Palladium plated supplies won't tarnish and change color.

We use real circuit boards from old computers and for these cufflinks we have 8 colors available:
- blue
- dark blue
- red
- green
- black (dark brown)
- purple
- yellow (olive green)
- orange
You may choose the color of each half.

You will receive one similar to those you see on pictures, but not the exact one. The colors may vary slightly due to characteristics of the particular board. If you have any preferences to design feel free to contact us.

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