Stainless steel cufflinks with circuit board


These unique cufflinks, made of circuit board piece and stainless steel, will become an impressive addition to man's outfit. Use them as perfect Groom or Groomsmen accessories for a modern wedding. Or win the Christmas with such a gift to your better half!

The cufflinks are 6/8" (18 mm) in diameter and are covered with clear resin. They are made of real circuit boards from old computers and there are 8 colors available:
- blue
- dark blue
- red
- green
- purple
- black/ brown
- yellow / olive green
- orange

You will receive one similar to those you see on pictures, but not the exact one. The colors may vary slightly due to characteristics of a particular board. If you have any preferences to design feel free to contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Whiteout Studio from etsy
high quality piece and a super prompt delivery

Thank you so much! The quality is really really nice, much better than I dared to hope. And it shipped with half the time than it was promised. Very happy with the product and service! I ordered dark blue color. Highly recommend!

Joseph Winkler from etsy
absoultely content with the purchase

The red PCB cufflinks are beautiful, I love them.

Lindsay Penney from etsy
so wonderful and good looking!

These are so wonderful!! I can't wait to give these to my future husband on our wedding day!!

Bec Toda from etsy
so unique - never seen any like them

Bought these cuff links for my new husband for our first Christmas together: he loved them!! They are so unique - never seen any like them! Thanks!