Circuit Board Double Ring


This original Geeky Double ring is a delicate jewel for a girl who likes modern style and unusual accessories. This ring makes your outfit really special and underscores your individuality.

It is made of two round pieces of real circuit board. Each board piece is nearly 1/2 inch in diameter (12 mm) and is covered with clear resin. The color of the metal base is antique silver. The ring is adjustable.

There are 8 colors available:
- blue
- dark blue
- red
- green
- black (dark brown)
- purple
- yellow (olive green)
- orange

You may choose the color of each round.

You will receive one similar to those you see on pictures, but not the particular one. The colors may vary slightly due to differences in the board's characteristics. If you have any particular preferences to design feel free to contact us.

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