Unique circuit board keychain, drop shaped


Drop Shaped Circuit board keychain is a useful and uncommon gift for techie person. It suits any look, and is good both for male or female techie admirers. It is also a good idea of a special wedding gift for groomsmen team.

It is made of a piece of real circuit board approx. 1 1/4 inch (32 mm) high and is covered with resin, so the surface is as shiny as glass. The Circuit Board Keychain is supplied with a keyring.

We use real circuit boards from old computers and we have 8 colors available:
- blue
- dark blue
- red
- green
- black (dark brown)
- purple
- yellow (olive green)
- orange

Customise your Recomputing Keychain by adding some special letters to the reverse side! Look up here https://therecomputing.com/products/customize-your-recomputing-keychain-or-necklace

You will receive one similar to those you see on pictures, but not the particular one. The colors may vary slightly due to features of a particular board. If you have any particular preferences to design feel free to contact us.

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