Your favorite Circuit Board studs - now in Sterling Silver!

October 21, 2016

Your favorite Circuit Board studs - now in Sterling Silver!

Autumn has come, with its rainy weather and fallen leaves, bright and chilly mornings, shorter days and longer nights... We hope that you are enjoying this season, but even if you are not - we decided that it is a wonderful occasion to bring some good news!

Sterling silver Circuit Board Square Stud Earrings

Yes, you are right! We are talking about our new outstanding stud earrings - your favorite accessories are now available with sterling silver bases. 
Sterling Silver Circuit Board Round Studs, 10mm
There are four different variants of new studs, and you can pick any of them! Round studs are available in 10mm and 12mm size, and square ones - in 8mm or 10mm size. As usual, you may choose your favorite color of the circuit board for your studsBlue, Dark blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black/Brown, Yellow/Olive Green, Orange.
Sterling Silver Circuit Board Stud Earrings, square
You can be sure - with these stud earrings, you will never remain unnoticed, no matter where you are - at college, in the office or at a party. It is a wonderful piece, good both for a stylish dude or a girl with a taste for minimalistic and techie jewelry. Now you can choose a great holiday gift for your dearest geeky person!
Sterling Silver Round Circuit Board Studs, 12 mm
Silver circuit board studs look great alone or with our Circuit board necklaces or bracelets - you may create a mind-blowing set for your unique and stylish outfit!

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